Our Team

Here at the Original Baker we have a real passion for quality food.


Our approach to our products is simple. We never rush or cut corners and we are proud to take care at every stage, using only tried and tested traditional handcrafting techniques.


Using only the freshest and finest, locally sourced wherever possible.

We don’t add anything artificial and refuse to compromise on quality.

Our meat is only of the very best prime cuts, hand butchered on site and fresh veg is peeled and prepped from scratch.

Butcher photograph


Our skilled cooks take immense care and pride to create our delicious pastries.

Ingredients are seasoned, seared, roasted, steamed or slow-cooked until perfectly tender and not a moment before.

Kitch/prep photo


With a lifetime of experience, and Gill’s secret recipe, our signature all-butter pastry is made using traditional techniques to achieve the finest quality.

We roll, rest and second roll our pastry and blind bake our quiches to give a crisp and crumbly bite.


The ladies & gents (mostly ladies) who carefully assemble our pastries are skilled in a league of their own.

Every pie is filled to the brim by hand, to ensure it contains tender chunks of meat and vegetables with lashings of rich gravy or sauce.

 Assembly Photo

Packing and Delivery

Once finished, our pastries are immediately frozen down to maintain ultimate freshness.

Supplied raw-frozen, you can provide your customers with consistently fresh-baked delicious goodies.  The first bake is the best bake.

They are carefully packed and picked by the ‘frozen-pack’ elves and delivered to your door by Ian, Stevo or Gary (our delivery drivers)

Frozen pack/Drivers photo