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Pick Your Own Pies

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Your choice of 6 x The Original Baker Pies (260g each) 

Pick a mix of 6, or 6 of your favourite flavour! This pie box gives you the choice of whatever pies you would like, for the ultimate pie night. Whether you are entertaining friends, want a delicious easy meal for your family or fancy a pie to yourself one night, this box is the one you need! 

Simply select your flavours from the dropdowns above, then add to cart.


All product Allergens can be found at the link below. They will also be included along with nutritional information and cooking guidance within your delivery


Individual Pies (260g) 

For best results, allow to thaw overnight in fridge:

  1. Preheat oven to 160°c-180°c, Gas Mark 6
  2. Remove all outer packaging, leave in the foil and place on a flat baking tray 
  3. Cook for 25 - 30 mins, turn halfway through cooking.
  4. Check pie is piping hot throughout. To test, insert a knife into the centre of the pie for a few seconds and remove. It should feel hot to touch.
  5. Leave pie to rest for 5 mins.
    If the pastry is browning too quickly, cover with foil.

Cooking from frozen:

As above, but with an additional 5-10 minutes cooking time.

Please note the above is guidance only, all ovens vary. 

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  • The First Bake is the Best Bake

    These products are delivered to you Raw-Frozen.

    Each item has been hand-made starting with our exceptional all-butter pastry (or vegan pastry for our vegan products) followed by equally delicious fillings and then frozen ready for its first time in the oven -your oven! The first time that pastry sees the inside of an oven is with you.

    This method means the pastries are fresh. full of flavour and the texture of the pastry is in no way compromised.

    You would never know you hadn't made them yourself! It's home-baking, done for you. 

  • Shipping Information

    Your order will be delivered frozen in temperature-controlled packaging within 7 working days.

    Please place in the Freezer (or oven if you can't wait!) as quickly as possible.