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Pie Night Box

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6 x The Original Baker Individual Pies

This Pie Box has been put together with the perfect pie night in mind. A mix of delicious flavours to accommodate everyone, including a vegetarian option


2 x Steak & Ale (260g each)

Succulent, British-bred beef paired with Blackheart Stout Ale from just up the road at Yorkshire Heart Brewery

1 x Chicken, Bacon & Mushroom (260g)

Tender British chicken, with smoked bacon and sliced mushrooms in a rich, creamy mushroom sauce

1 x Chicken Curry (260g)

Succulent British chicken in a tikka curry sauce with mango chutney for a delicious, sweet flavour 

1 x Mature Cheddar & Onion (V) (260g)

With mature Cheddar cheese, British potatoes and onions seasoned with mustard 

1 x Veg & Camembert (260g)

Tender root vegetables roasted gently in exotic spices, then folded into a spicy tomato sauce, generously spiked with chunks of creamy Camembert cheese

Pie Night Cooking Guidance



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    This method means the pastries are fresh. full of flavour and the texture of the pastry is in no way compromised.

    You would never know you hadn't made them yourself! It's home-baking, done for you. 

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