Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

To help minimise waste generation, we are now asking all The Original Baker Boxes delivered by our delivery drivers are returned to us (we will collect from you).


the original baker cardboard box

We are steeped in tradition at The Original Baker.

We are proud to say our recipes and our methods are relatively old-fashioned in the context of the modern world. However, this does not mean we are an old-fashioned business, we value tradition because of the quality it produces. We are all very aware of the increasing need to recycle, of the environmental impact all our everyday decisions hold and of the necessity for everyone - but especially businesses - to do everything we can to decrease our carbon footprint.

We are continuously working on and thinking about ways to introduce environmentally friendly processes, to reduce the amount of waste we produce and to promote good practice across our business. 


With this in mind, we now kindly ask that all 'The Original Baker' branded cardboard boxes are returned to us -by collection- on your next delivery. 

*Please note this only applies to customers who receive products delivered by our own drivers. We are working on ways to collect and reuse boxes from our pallet customers.

How will it work? 

With each product delivery drop we will collect the boxes from your previous delivery. Meaning you do not have to dispose of the boxes yourself, the boxes will be reused - contributing to a reduction in the volume of cardboard being sent to landfill, and once the boxes are no longer deemed usable by us, they will be recycled accordingly by The Original Baker.

Some Facts and Figures

The world’s insect population has declined by almost 25% in the last 30 years. A largely contributing factor for this is the destruction of habitats. Using recycled paper products can help to reduce deforestation and preserve those natural habitats. When insect populations decline, it affects the entire food chain; UK woodland bird populations are also down 25% from 1970 and hedgehogs are now listed as ‘vulnerable to extinction’ on Britain’s red list of mammals. By simply using recycled products, we can both safeguard the natural habitats of our nation’s wildlife and reduce our carbon footprint.

Do we have to return the boxes?

We politely request that all boxes are returned to us wherever possible. We are striving to increase our contribution to environmental sustainability, but we need your help to do so. 

For now, our pallet customers will not be required to return their boxes. This is because our drivers do not deliver and therefore cannot collect. We are working on ways to collect boxes from our pallet customers and will keep you updated. 

As our business expands, we continue to be mindful of our environmental impact. We recognise the necessity to look to the future and ensure that it is bright for those we hope will continue the values and traditions of The Original Baker.  





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